Mein Bhi Pakistani Hoon

Mein bhi Pakistan hoon

Happy Independence Day of Pakistan :)

No matter what religion, sect, race, tribe or region you belong to; don’t forget that you are part of a beautiful and diverse nation that God has blessed Pakistan with.

Mein Punjabi hoon
Mein Sindhi hoon
Mein Balochi hoon
Mein Pakhtoon hoon
Mein Gilgiti hoon
Mein Baltistani hoon
Mein Kashmiri hoon
Mein Muslim hoon
Mein Hindu hoon
Mein Christian hoon

Lekin in sab sey barh kar yeh k mein ek PAKISTANI hoon aur mujhy apney PAKISTANI honey par naaz hai!

Diversity is strenght, celebrate it!

Green flag on the top of the world

It has been over a month now that I am following the first ever Pakistan Gender Equality Expedition initiated by Pakistan Youth Outreach in association with a few foreign sponsors. Among others, the expedition includes two siblings from Shimshal Hunza in Gilgit Baltistan.

Today, I found the news on Facebook that both the siblings Samina Baig and Mirza Ali were able to successfully reach the summit of Mount Everest. This is such a huge news but unfortunately not yet covered by any mainstream media. This makes Samina Baig the youngest and only female mountaineer from Pakistan to conquer the highest mountain in the world. Also, Mirza Ali, who is a professional mountaineer, becomes youngest male mountaineer from Pakistan to reach Mount Everest Summit.

Samina Baig (21) and Mirza Ali (29) set out for the expedition last month. Mirza Ali used to send messages through his satellite phone while the receiver updated his personal blog. The last time I checked his blog the team had reached camp IV and were expecting to reach summit by 19th or 20th May. Finally at 7:40 AM Local Time they did it!

Congratulations and many prayers for a safe return.

I made this poster for Spectacular Pakistan.

Samina Baig and Mirza Ali mountaineers from Pakistan

“As a part of a Gender Equality Expedition by Pakistan Youth Outreach, two siblings from The Hunza Valley Samina Baig (21) and Mirza Ali (29) have reached the summit of Mount Everest (8,848m) on Sunday May 19, 2013) 7:40 AM Local Time.” – Spectacular Pakistan

Two fresh changes in Facebook profile design

One good thing about Facebook is the way they roll out new features. During 2012, Facebook has made huge changes in the profile and page designs. Today, I found two new changes in the profile design.

1) New Tabbed Links:

A new tabbed link design has been added in the profiles. You may now see text links instead of the old tabs with images. Also there is a more link with all other items listed under it. Pretty cool. This would help to differentiate between Facebook Pages and Facebook Profiles.

Facebok new profile design

2) Content Justification:

You may now see your application data piled up on the right side of the page. All other data, like things you share, is put on the left side of the page. Again, a useful change. Previously, you would find it a little messy with content spreading here and there. Also the highlight feature will not extend your images and other posts on the width of the whole page. It would simply add a highlight badge over the right corner of the post.


I am sure not many would be excited about the changes. Let us know your opinion through the comments.

Happy Facebooking :)

Ecstasy on the top of Hunza Valley

It was 2:00AM in the morning on the long vacation night so freezing that one wouldn’t even think about exposing any single body part out of sleeping bag. But I did it. I had leave for the Hon Pass with a few friends to see the sun laying its very first rays on the spectacular mountains surrounding the Hunza and Nagar Valleys.

Hon Pass Hunza Valley

Me at Hon Pass (4257m) The Hunza Valley, Rakaposhi and Diran Peak in the background. Photo by Wasim Zapoo

Once again, it was so great to be on the top of The Hunza Valley. Two years back when I went to this place (Hon Pass), it took my breath away. The Hon Pass is worth visiting if you don’t get pleased enough by just seeing a picture!

Imran Hunzai on Hon Pass Hunza Valley. Beautiful Rakaposhi can also bee seen in the background.

I visited the Hon Pass for the first time in 2010. Photo by Imtiaz Ali

A few more pictures from this years Trek to Hon Pass