Welcome to my world of simple yet useful things

Hello, world!

Welcome to my Blog that will focus on “simple but useful thing”.  I have been writing at my Blogspot Blog but this is a big leap for me in terms that it has more technicalities to look after. I was planing for a self-hosted blog for so long but I couldn’t make it due to different constraints. Laziness being on the top.

If you have read any of my previous Blogs then you must have noticed that I do not focus on some  topics. I feel better covering random stuff. This is something I cannot change at this stage so, expect me to go with my old style.  Keeping my habit aside, I will try to focus more on topics like social media, web design & development, internet marketing, photography and travelling. I guarantee that random stuff will appear every now and then.

Why a new blog?

Good question! The thing is freedom. I mean it’s fine making a post when you think your blog is getting oxygenless but you don’t get that satisfaction of holding a thing that’s completely yours, at least in some ways. I have got lot more freedom that I couldn’t have had with Blogspot.

What I got new?

  • A pretty and customizable theme.
  • A few free Plugins. Thanks again to WP.

In the end, I am really looking forward to do better with this new blog and I would like to thank the small group of people who read even  my worst post and marked their attendance by putting up a comment.  I am not quite aiming to get huge traffic but I don’t want no one to read the posts either.

Oh yeah, you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I am finding new ways  to get more followers. Not kidding!

Chill Yo.


1 thought on “Welcome to my world of simple yet useful things

  1. Congratulations! You got a lifetime reader 🙂


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