Latest Google Earth Image of Landslide affected region in Hunza

Some days back, Hunza was rocked by one of the worst landslides ever.  A small village of Attabad (Sarat) was hit by the landslide which took about 20 19 lives and made 7000 people homeless. The debris fell into the Hunza river due to which a lake is developed that is threatening the villages nearby. I have just discovered a latest Google earth image of the affected region on the web that’re worth sharing.

The affected areas of Attabad landsliding

Attabad Hunza, before the landsliding

Attabad Hunza before the landslide

Latest Google Earth image shows the destruction is worst

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6 thoughts on “Latest Google Earth Image of Landslide affected region in Hunza

  1. According to initial disaster assessment report, four villages — Attabad Payeen, Attabad Bala, Sarat and Ayeenabad — were directly affected by the massive landslide in Hunza where thirteen people, including women and children, have been reported dead, while nine are injured and six are still missing.

    The initial report has been compiled by Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) which is a crisis response and disaster risk management agency established in Europe, North America and South and Central Asia. It helps vulnerable communities build resilience to natural and man-made disasters and compliments the provision of humanitarian relief principally in the developing world. FOCUS is an affiliate of the Aga Khan Development Network, a group of institutions working to improve opportunities and living conditions, for people of all faiths and origins, in specific regions of the developing world.


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