Nokia launches new Dual SIM + Low priced mobile phones

The Nokia C2

The Nokia C2

Nokia has announced 4 new models fitting in its C series, aimed at audience in developing countries. Two of these phones will support dual SIMs while other two are going to be good for multimedia – but at good price.

Nokia C2

Nokia C2 will cost around Rs. 4,000. It is a dual-SIM phone and interestingly, the second SIM card is easily accessible and hot-swappable.

The battery is estimated to last 16 days on standby and 4 hours of talk time. The Nokia C2 also features VGA camera, GPRS Internet connectivity, Bluetooth and FM radio with broadcast recording. There’s also a microSD card (up to 32GB, but those cost more than the phone itself), 3.5mm audio jack plus an MP3 player.

The Nokia C1-01

The Nokia C1-01

Nokia C1-00

The other dual-SIM phone is the Nokia C1-00, which will cost around Rs. 3,200. It doesn’t have two active cards – just one, but there’s a quick shortcut to switch between the two.

The phone has a smashing standby of 48 days. It features an FM radio, 3.5mm audio jack and a flashlight.

Nokia C1-00 is expected to hit the stores in the third quarter 2010.

Nokia C1-01 and C1-02

The Nokia C1-01 and Nokia C1-02 only have a single SIM card slot, but offer GPRS, Bluetooth, microSD card slot (up to 32GB), 3.5mm audio jack, FM radio and MP3 player.

The Nokia C1-01 features a VGA camera, which the Nokia C1-02 lacks.

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