A new surprise by Facebook!

This morning was a little surprise for me. When I tried to log in my facebook account, I was shocked to see that I was automatically logged in to someone’s account. Oh God! I din’t try hack anyone.
Although this is not the first time that users have come across a bug on facebook but this one is not that dangerous in terms that you can’t perform any action except viewing some friends requests, messages and notifications from the dropdown menu at the top.. Remember the “Preview my Profile Bug” ?  No official reply from facebook yet.
Propakistani mentioned that you can have complete control over the account but my personal little experience says that the access is limited.


This bug is only experienced by Pakistani users haveing PTCL account. So this whole thing has turned out to be a new surprise by PTCL!

6 thoughts on “A new surprise by Facebook!

  1. hayn yah kia baat hoe!!!:@….


  2. this has been happening with some of my friends since last two days..


  3. akbar ali hunzi June 15, 2010 — 10:50 am

    great la jani….
    keep it up jan
    God bless you!!


  4. akbar ali hunzi June 15, 2010 — 10:54 am

    Great yara , keep it up……..
    if i can or may able to help you in this regard please do tell me jan
    God bless you!!!!!!!!


  5. yep…i’ve got my vid too…will be posting soon.
    i still love “preview my profile bug”


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