Understanding Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a combination of virtualization of hardware by a host operating and sharing of a physical server by virtual slicing. VPS has changed the competitive landscape of web hosting. Single physical servers are isolated into many virtual private servers and each VPS performs and executes like a physical dedicated server with root access. VPS operates like an upgraded version of a shared hosting or a minimized version of dedicated hosting.

Dedicated server hosting can provide the same benefits but may provide resources that are not getting utilized. It is also a more expensive proposition than VPS but an inexpensive one in comparison to collocation.

Compared to Shared Hosting providers, VPS Server price more but it is not that difficult to find out a Cheap VPS hosting plan for your website.  Have a look at the benefits and drawbacks before you choose VPS Hosting.

Advantages :

  • Root access gives he ability to install and use any software
  • Unlimited websites
  • Ease of hosting allied services like mail server, FTP server etc.
  • Ease of taking a backup and data storage
  • VPS hosting can have the following disadvantages:
  • Installation and maintenance has to be done by the virtual server owner. However, this can be managed by a third party in liew of monetary consideration
  • VPS is cheaper than dedicated server.


  • As the CPU is shared between many virtual servers, the performance is not the best.
  • Even though this may not apply to every cheap VPS provider, their support may be limited. This is frequently because of the fact that a few hosting providers do not own any data centers and instead get them from the bigger companies giving them the roles as resellers.
  • It mostly boils down to possible delays due to a longer line of communication among companies.
  • Some hosting providers can make you pay for the technical support, too, so be sure to check that before.
  • Some hosting  providers may not have complete control of valuable function such as backups, so VPS Hosting isn’t recommended to host corporate websites.


VPS is not meant for developers who seek the best performance and independence but it will perform better than shared hosting. If you search for VPS Hosting plan you may get a best hosting plans according to your requirements. If you still aren’t sure of which plan to choose, you can choose a VPS Server Hosting plan for your website as it offer many benefits to it’s users as we seen above. Prices of VPS can range from USD 15 – 100 per month depending on the platform and value added services offered by the hosting company. If you have a bright idea but don’t know how to reach out using web, then VPS hosting is the answer.


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