5 Rules for using Social Media

It has been a while that I have not written anything on my blog. Today I stumpled upon this simple but very useful post that describes five rules for using social media. Being a social media enthusiastic, I find these 5 rules very useful for me. Enjoy reading.

Below are five rules for using social media.  If you follow these simple rules you will end up getting more out of using social media then you would not heeding these rules.

1. Listen First and Foremost

Social media is not about you. It’s about people’s relationships with you. Listen before you speak.

2. Get Involved

Social media is about conversations and building relationships. It takes effort. Don’t just talk about yourself. Ask questions, engage people and link. Most of all, be inspiring.

3. Give Up Control

You can’t control the conversation. If you want people to spread your message, you have to trust them. Listen, inspire, engage, let go.

4. Be Honest

You can’t spin the truth with Social Media. Be open, honest and authentic in everything you say and do.

5. Think Long Term

Don’t expect immediate results that are easily measurable. Building trust and making connections takes time.


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