A day without cellphone

I was sitting in CL-5 (Computer Lab) at COMSATS when I heard the sound of a helicopter. I ignored thinking it would be a usual pass by but it made a very close pass across the new building of the campus. Few minutes later another helicopter kept on scaring us for sometime :D Anyways, I heard the gals sitting next to me saying that the Prime Minister was going to visit the university. I tweeted it right after.

It was a matter of few minutes that I saw those announcements pasted on notice boards an entrances. The line that took my attention was “No mobiles”. Yeah, that’s right. Nobody including students and any other faculty member will be allowed to enter the campus with mobile phones. It’s understandable. Security!

Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Yusuf Raza Gillani is expected to visit the university tomorrow for inauguration of the new campus. He will also speak to a group of selected students and faculty members. I have also heard that the institute is being upgraded to a university but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with an institute. MIT :P

There won’t be penalty treats for getting caught while using cell phones during lectures. Let’s see how those cool guys and gals (as they try their best to look so) will be playing with in those Farigh moments. I’ve got my list to keep an eye on ;) And by the way, how would you spend that Farigh time?

Saad Mehmood has just shared a screenshot of the announcement that I am posting below.

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