7 billion people and me

I just used this web application at BBC News website that tells you what your number is among the massive 7 billion people living in this world. Now this is something really provoking. 7 billion and still counting….!

The application asks you to enter your date of birth and calculates what your exact possible number was among the other people living at that time. In my case, it was 5,333,151,156. This means that I was 5,333,151,156th person to live when I was born. Since then, an additional 2 billion folks have joined us in this already crowded world.



  • The total population of Pakistan is 174612117.
  • Every hour in Pakistan there are 533 Births, 146 Deaths, and 46 lesser Immigrants.
  • The average life expectancy in Pakistan is 64.6 years. Females live two years more than men.
  • The highest life expectancy is in Japan that is 82.7 years.
  • The lowest life expectancy is in Central African Republic. i.e. 46 years.
  • Fastest growing country is Qatar. There are 514 more people added to the total population each day.
  • The fastest shrinking country is Moldova. There are 106 lesser people each day.


Both numbers have been calculated using UN Population Division figures. The first is an estimate of how many people were alive on your date of birth. It is one possible value based on global population figures and estimates of growth rates over time. Data before 1950 is less accurate than figures after that date. The second number includes calculations based on the methodology of scholar Carl Haub, who estimated how many people had been alive since 50,000 B.C. His calculation has been amended by the UN to include additional points in time.

Source: BBC

If the current situation continues, the world will have 10 Billion people by 2083. I suppose there would be more money and less food in such situation. Even now, developing countries, like most of the relatively poor African countries, are facing a severe shortage of food.

Content credits: BBC World News

Featured Image by: James Cridland

Not mentioned: Firdous Ashiq Awan and Touch Condoms :p

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