Got timeline?

Let’s suppose you haven’t got the timeline yet. Alright, let’s start…

A few months back, in September to be precise, Facebook announced its biggest change in the interface design of users’ profiles. The timeline! Initially, it was only available for developers – anyone who has the not-very-much-unique-ability to click a few buttons by reading a series of tutorials. A three-step hack was all required to get the timeline. If you have never tried it but still want to get the timeline, don’t worry because it’ your day.

Facebook had officially announced in f8 that timeline will be available for all users within some months. Today, I came to know through Mashable that the timeline will be rolling out. In no time, a lot of friends started asking me about “how to get the timeline?”. That’s actually the purpose of writing this post .

Oookay! You’ve listened a lot, thank you so much. If you really wan to get this cool feature, there is just one easy step for that. Go to and you will see a green “Sign me up” button on the bottom-right of the page. You gotta click that button and BANG!!! Your time line is activated.

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