Two fresh changes in Facebook profile design

One good thing about Facebook is the way they roll out new features. During 2012, Facebook has made huge changes in the profile and page designs. Today, I found two new changes in the profile design.

1) New Tabbed Links:

A new tabbed link design has been added in the profiles. You may now see text links instead of the old tabs with images. Also there is a more link with all other items listed under it. Pretty cool. This would help to differentiate between Facebook Pages and Facebook Profiles.

Facebok new profile design

2) Content Justification:

You may now see your application data piled up on the right side of the page. All other data, like things you share, is put on the left side of the page. Again, a useful change. Previously, you would find it a little messy with content spreading here and there. Also the highlight feature will not extend your images and other posts on the width of the whole page. It would simply add a highlight badge over the right corner of the post.


I am sure not many would be excited about the changes. Let us know your opinion through the comments.

Happy Facebooking 🙂

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