Happy New Year 2015 and More…

Hello and before more, a very Happy New Year to every single one of you reading this post. I know 2014 was a bit messed up with all fun and rough times, I hope you all have a better year ahead.

Happy New Year 2015

In case you were not aware, I was maintaining my blog and website separately. The blog wasn’t really an up-to-date thing with hardly a post each month. The website, which was much of a professional profile to me, used a domain that I got from an expired-domains auction back in 2012.

Both my blog and website used the WordPress platform, which remains intact till date. The only few things that have changed are that I have imported all my posts and pages from my website to the blog address and mirrored my domain to the blog itself. This way, either you access through the blog address imranhunzai.wordpress.com or the domain imranhunzai.com, you will see a single site which is really cool. UPDATE: I got too lazy to renew domain so it’s gone now. Okay, I was too broke.

Now, many features on WordPress hosted option do not come free i.e. the ability to use themes and plugins apart from those featured on WordPress; and editing theme code etc. I might upgrade these features whenever required. You might see some ads which aren’t from my side. These ads can be disabled by paying a yearly amount which I am not doing at the moment. I’m not rich enough — yet. I was using a self-hosted WordPress installation for my website and by importing the site content to the free WordPress option, I have lost a lot of features. Nevertheless, kuch paney k liyae kuch khona hi parhta hai.

Many pages that will be replaced by the new content will go as an archive. Some pages were written back in 2007 and I don’t feel comfortable with my back-then written English 😀 Anyways, the thing is, I will stick around this place for both personal and professional matters and I am looking forward to having you onboard as well. Afterall, I am not a speech to the mirror kinda guy 😉 PS: I am not freelancing anymore. If you have some work for me, do give Centangle the honor to serve you.


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