The Plan and The Action

It is one thing to plan and whole another to act upon it. The action completes the plan itself and there is no way a plan is complete without the action.

When 2015 started, I planned to make regular posts and even made a little schedule but as Michelle writes in Making Writing Prompts Personal

… sit there, staring blankly at the screen. You’re blocked!

I was blocked.

However, out of nowhere, I am writing this post early this morning on an Eid holiday to remind myself of what that hasn’t been done. What that has been? A little.

So, here is to accomplish the plan. Here is to blog.

2 thoughts on “The Plan and The Action

  1. However to the plan and action things we don’t always plan the things we do. Sometimes our actions are out rage, of love, of jealousy or of whatever but we end up doing things that aren’t pre-planned. Our actions can be the product of someone’s else actions :). However, we should still be okay with some actions and let go of grudges and complains.
    Please keep posting. You are already a good writer and i did not know that 🙂

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