Give me my pics

The barter trade of photography is here. I am asking for a small favor against providing with the pictures of you I took during the past two years. It’s simple. One task for one picture. I will be manually checking for task completion so play fair ūüėČ If you have already performed a task before this trade thing, move to the next task. Note that only tasks from 17 Feb 2018 onwards will count.

List of tasks: 

Youtube: 1) Subscribe to my channel 2) Subscribe to All Things Hunza 3) Subscribe to GBee 4) Subscribe to FolkVirsa 5) Subscribe to Spectacular Pakistan

Twitter: 6) Follow my Twitter 7) Follow Humans of Hunza 8) Follow All Things Hunza 9) Follow GBee 10) Follow Spectacular Pakistan

Facebook: 11) Like my page 12) Like Humans of Hunza 13) Like All Things Hunza 14) Like GBee 15) Like Earnistan

Subscriptions: 16) Subscribe to Earnistan 17) Subscribe to GBee 18) Subscribe to All Things Hunza.

Once done, please fill up the following form.

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